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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Social Statistics: Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs in Canada

  • How many Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs in Canada name themselves after Indigenous words? 19% of the clubs do.
  • How many Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs in Canada use stereotypical "Indian" head logos? 2% of the clubs do.
  • How many Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs in Canada advertise mainstream "war canoe" racing? 38.5% of the clubs do. 

For this example, I have chosen to create a table called “Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs in Canada”.

  1. The Nominal level is qualitative in that we will measure by Province how many Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs there are in Canada. The sport of canoe racing is governed by the National Sport Organization, CanoeKayak Canada.
  2. The Rank-Order level is quantitative in that I can visit the Institution’s (CanoeKayak Canada) website at http://canoekayak.ca/find-a-club/ and count how many Olympic Sprint Canoe Clubs there are in each province. From there, I can determine, which Province has more clubs.
  3. The Equal-Interval level  allows us to assign a score, such as percentage, to the values of the variables found in the Rank-Order level where I show a count of the number of clubs per Province. For example, I created a table showing that the Rank-Order value of total clubs was 91 in Canada and I displayed the total count in quantitative numbers per Province. Now I will add a “percentage” value to determine the equal-interval percentage per province.  To do this, I will do the following math:
  • In the Province of Ontario (Ranked #1 by number of clubs) there are 32 and we know that in Canada there is a total of 91. Therefore 91 = 100% and now we need to determine what the percentage value is of 32 out of 91.  1) 100%=91 and 2) X%=32. By combining the two left rows and the two right rows to have the same values, it would look like 100%/x%=91/32. By multiplying both values by (100/x)*x=(91/32)*x which equals 100=2.84375*x and by dividing both sides of the equation, we get X, which is x=35.1648351648. As a Result of this equation, I round it off to 35% and add it to my table below. I repeat the same calculation to determine the rest of the values per Province.

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